Rachel MacPherson

Writer and Content Creator

Rachel MacPherson

Writer and Content Creator

rachel macpherson

Rachel MacPherson is a freelance writer and content creator, as well as a certified personal trainer and exercise nutrition coach. She has been featured in various publications and companies, such as Bustle, Livestrong, SheKnows, POPSUGAR, HowStuffWorks, Weight Watchers, RSP Nutrition, Urban Freedom Magazine, Verywell Health, Insider, and more. She is also the author behind radicalstrength.ca

When she’s not writing, you can usually find her reading, getting in a good workout, practicing food photography, creating new recipes for tacos, sipping ice coffee, cuddling with her three cats, or watching the latest episode of Stranger Things. 



“Rachel never misses a deadline or submits the bare minimum. Her stories are well-researched and always include impressive vetted sources.”

—Holly Rhue (editor for Byrdie)


“Rachel is a diligent writer and a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics and delivers stellar copy—on time!—consistently.”

—Vera Sizensky (editor for Verywell Health)

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