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Health and Fitness

Verywell Fit: What is Carb Loading?

Giddy: The Importance of Gaining Muscle for Women (for mental and physical health)

Tom’s Guide: Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale Review (commerce)

The Upside: What is Glutathione? Benefits to Know, and How to be Sure Your Levels are Healthy (vitacost.com)

Urban Freedom Magazine: Your Health is Your Businesses Biggest Long Term Investment (pg 47)

Livestrong: Easy to Digest High Protein Foods

Insider: How to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy, effective way

Baby Chick: Exercises You Should Do Before Giving Birth

Livestrong: I’m Building Muscle But Not Losing Weight

Livestrong: Circuit Training Exercises with No Equipment

Insider: How Often You Should You Strength Train to Build Muscle and Avoid Injury

Insider: How Often Should You Do Cardio to Build Endurance and Improve Health

Insider: What is Reverse Dieting and How to Best Recover From a Restrictive Diet

Byrdie: Understanding the Proven Link Between Exercise and Sleep

Byrdie: 10 Things Running Does to Your Body (And Your Mind)

Health and Wellness

VerywellFit: Why BMI May Not Be the Best Metric

VerywellFit: What is Diet Culture?

Insider: How to Boost Your Immune System Through Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Baby-Chick: Why the Myth of “Maternal Instinct” is Hurting Gender Equality

Baby-Chick: What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother?

Psych Daily: Who Am I? Why Positive Representation of Women in the Media is Crucial

Insider: A Psychologist Offers Ways to Change Bad Diet Habits

Insider: How to Stop Emotional Eating by Identifying the Cause and Keeping a Food Journal

Verywell Health: Building a Healthy Skincare Routine


Giddy: Why You Need More than Kegels for Pelvic Floor Health

Livestrong: Vitamins That Help Balance Cortisol

Insider: How to Prevent the Flu, According to Doctors

Insider: What is an Ectopic Pregnancy and How to Treat it

Insider: Postpartum Depression: How long it lasts, how it works, and treatment

Byrdie: Exactly When to Use Heat Therapy vs. Ice Therapy for Injuries

Verywell Health: What is Sarcoma?

Verywell Health: Natural Treatment Options for Hypothyroidism

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